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Have you ever been told you lack Emotional Intelligence?
Do you understand your feelings and emotions?
Do you find yourself bewildered and confused?

On this website, I offer you access to Mentoring and positive guidance.  This is where you learn how to be powerful, not to be a victim anymore!

Are you having relationship difficulties?

Do you need to know  how to ''speak your feelings'' without getting into the
anger/reaction/accusation type of response?

Are you splitting up?  Or going through a painful divorce?

Is someone controlling you?

Are you out-of-control with drink or drugs?  Or living without them and finding it
hard going?

Do you come from a background of alcoholic indulgence and emotional denial?  And
are you having difficulties in any area of your life?  Self-worth?  Confidence? 
Ability to trust?

Are you still feeling the affect of the sudden death of someone you love?

Do you need to talk to a sensitive person?  Do you need help in coming to terms
with the past?  Healing ... ?

Have you been diagnosed with a serious medical problem?   80% of medical
conditions can have an emotional cause - are you willing to go the distance to heal

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from my Free Download '' A Positive Guide to your Negaitve Feelings'' - sign up now and start learning how to find the real YOU!!

This is the best journey EVER!  And when you start to resolve the difficult stuff inside, then your life really does change and the promises that other people make on their websites and in the film ''THE SECRET'' start to happen FOR YOU!!

Please read my Testimonials and Services pages - and sign up anyway!!  You owe it to yourself to give yourself the best possible future!